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Breakaway One Pipeline Windows 10 Issues (Virtual Audio Cables)

For about a week now I've been trying to get to the bottom of Audio GREMLINS on Windows 10 I was trying to record stuff with Audacity the second I hit record the audio would stutter or drag. I tried with other recording software and encountered the same problem. I have to say this problem stumped me slightly at first. As the issue was happening on seperate computers (8GB 16GB 32GB) I had to start narrowing down suspects. Then I wondered if it was the audio drivers but updating them made no difference. I'd even gone as far as reinstalling Windows 10 on one computer. Then I decided to take a look at the Virtual Audio Cables, I uninstalled them, Rebooted and tried again with other VAC software. BINGO! thats where the problem was with the virtual audio driver. Breakaway One Pipeline has worked OK for the past few years but alas since the latest feature update on Windows 10 its bro

There Is No Need To Use Expensive Encoding Software

I've recently retested a couple of pieces of PAID for stand alone encoding software. I tested Radiocaster ($59) and SAM Cast ($200) RadioCaster was easy enough to setup and configure I had a stream setup within 3 minutes. Feb 24th 2022: As RadioCaster is coded by a Russian developer I am asking people (NICELY) to BOYCOTT software from DJ Soft What's happening in Ukraine is quite frankly appalling by anyones standards The demo of Radio Caster comes with an annoying BLEEP over the stream every 15 minutes. Since I first tested RadioCaster its always buffered after 10/15 minutes of streaming I don't know if its a codec issue but something isn't right with RC The buffering has happened on different computers and ISP connections over the space of 5/6 years. SAM Cast has real issues trying to populate Now Playing metadata. SAM Cast encoders have a nasty habit

Is There A Way to Get Metadata From SAM Cast?

A user on a forum was looking to get the now playing information into SAM Cast so his listeners knew what he was playing. I tried and tried and failed in the past to get now playing metadata into the streams from SAMCast formerly Simplecast. There are users who claim to have title streaming working but when I follow their instructions it still doesn't want to work. This was a post by a user on the Spacial Audio Forums Having paid for Sam Cast I was determined to make title streaming work I now realise that it won't The File Poller application still didn't read or update metadata from a file The user on the forums stated that he's tried everything he can think of including trying to use Serial Ports. SamCast title encoding won't work. I tried installing it on the same PC as RadioDJ as well as a serial cable from the Radio DJ PC to the SamCast PC The stand alone encoders I promote read text files to stream the now playing metadata from soft

Its Really Easy To Sort Your Music Library With RadioDJ

After 7 and a half years with my RadioDJ database I've decided to rebuild my song library from scratch. My SQL database hasn't crashed its just I felt like doing a rebuild. I've spent a lot of time staring at tracks manager over the past couple of days. Knowing the categories my music was previously catalogued under has made life a lot easier. You can setup and create multiple subcategories and genres. Top Tip: Whenever you make a change to any of your songs you need to take a backup this will preserve your changes. This is where RadioDJ excels compared to other expensive radio automation software Other software doesn't come with a way to backup your database data IF you manage to get your database backed up in other radio software you may just find it doesn't backup all your table data. Whereas the RadioDJ database setup tool backs up your entire database and ALL your table data.