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Please Buy Our Software We're Desperate (Spacial Audio Solutions)

I can't help but notice that Spacial Audio posts on social media of late smack of desperation for sales. Instead of paying month-by-month. Get a whole month free from Spacial's yearly purchase plan. They want you the user to cough up a years worth of subscription money in one go... I could understand paying out all that money if the software solutions and customer service were up to par but alas neither are. What would happen if Spacial Audio closed down and you'd paid all that $$$ in advance you would be left out of pocket. We all know Spacial Audio don't like giving customers refunds which is a bit naughty if you ask me.... I think Spacial Audio are desperate for sales as they're losing lots of $$$ to freely available software. I've always thought that SAM Broadcaster wasn't worth the money Spacial Audio charged for it. The downl

RadioDJ Sounds Wonderful (Professional Audio Output)

I'm testing streaming codecs in Sound Empire Caster and it doesn't matter what bitrate I stream at the audio from RadioDJ sounds Wonderful. I've ran 3 different tests on an Icecast server. Streaming out in 64K OGG/48K AAC+/64K OPUS and all the streams sounded amazing. Sadly the OPUS stream encoded by MB Recaster kept cutting out on song change which was a bit annoying. The Audio quality from RadioDJ when you have properly ripped files can be amazing. I couldn't get this sort of audio quality from other radio playout software I wonder why. I found software such as Zararadio made everything sound awful. The AGC & EQ in SAM Broadcaster made everything sound distorted on more than one occasion and with serveral different versions. You cannot get a professional sound from some software that often costs $$$ I'm so glad I discovered Radio DJ when I did in 2010 I found it had grea