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Spacial Audio Are Taking The Piss AGAIN!

So its a new year and I've just looked at the SAM Broadcaster Read Me for 2022 To all intents and purposes Spacial Audio have done BUGGER ALL to their SAM Broadcaster software in 2022. All the while Spacial Audio are still taking money for their software. The developers at Spacial Audio have always been lazy They're allowed to get away with blue murder When a new release of SAM does appear its usually BUG FIXES for things they screwed up in a previous release. There doesn't seem to be any passion from the Spacial Audio developers they're lazy and overpaid IMHO. Spacial Audio are seen as something of a JOKE by a lot of broadcasters. I saw this tweet on Twitter a couple of years back now about Spacial Audio & it didn't surprise me to be honest. They don't give refunds once you purchase SAM Broadcaster related software. When SAM Broadcaster goes wrong (and it will) don't expect to get