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Falling Like Dominos (SAM Broadcaster Pro Users)

ANOTHER long time SAM Broadcaster Pro has fallen out of favour with the software. He was suffering with the Memory Exhaustion Issue I do so LOVE it when I see long time SAM Broadcaster users switch to RadioDJ. SAM Broadcaster Pro is an AWFUL piece of software and has no place in a radio studio. When Long term users of a piece of software fall out of love with it Thats when you know theres a problem! I've watched a steady Torrent of users switching from Spacial Audio software over this past few years. Infact their user base has been falling like dominos with people fed up with Spacial Audio software. The download figures for RadioDJ speak absolute volumes. RadioDJ v2.0.0.6 has been downloaded OVER 230,000 times Lots of radio stations have discovered just how stable, reliable and USEFUL RadioDJ can be once Installed and up and running. RadioDJ doesn't suffer with any CPU issues and I have certainly never witnessed

My Huge Breweriana Collection (My Other Hobby)

For the past 30 years I have been an Avid collector of Breweriana (Beer Memorabilia) Beermats is where I started when my brother gave me his beermat collection in the late 80s Tegestology is the definition of the practice of collecting beermats Everytime there was a new beermat it got picked up by my dad, I have sets amongst my collection some of which are really rare. I grew up around Public Houses and Clubs so I guess thats where my love of the subject comes from. I also Collect retro Bar Fonts because back in the day a good Font could be a thing of Beauty (Art in its own right) My pump head collection started out in the 1990s when I acquired a Mansfield Bitter & Holsten Export bar font. I've since refurbished the Mansfield Pump head with some Humbrol enamel paint as the original paint was scratched and patchy. Most of my collection has been picked up by being in the right

White Label Mailing Lists

Back in March 1987 I started doing DJ work at a Youth club. A fellow DJ suggested I write letters to record companies to try and get a few freebie white label mixes. So I put pen to paper and wrote to at least 4 record labels NOT expecting to hear anything back but I did. I started getting records sent from the mailing list guy at PWL records called PitStop (Steve Pitstop) All I had to do was guage the audience reaction and fill in a form. Kylie Minogue always went down well... The Postie would bring at least 5/6 records a week at one point if we weren't in he would hide them in the coal shed. My Dad started getting annoyed at being woken up by the Postie when it was records for me... By 1990 I had ACCUMULATED a great collection of White Label Promo Only 12" mixes. I had to get help every week taking boxes and carrier bags to the Youth Centre thats how big & heavy my record collection was getting.

HeidiSQL A Simple Database Editor (MySQL/MariaDB)

I love HeidiSQL as a database editing tool, It also allows me to do maintenance on my databases should the worst happen. MariaDB should automatically install Heidi SQL alongside the database engine Its taken me a few years to feel confident around editing MySQL databases but now I find it really easy to do. I have two instances of SQL servers on this PC I have Oracle MySQL 5.5.9 on Port 3306 and MariaDB 10.5.8 on Port 3007. MariaDB databases shouldn't require much housework once installed I rarely touch my databases but on the odd occasion I have to give them a quick repair. I can easily log onto to sort it with HeidiSQL and its easy to keep on top of your MySQL Server. I knew next to nothing about how to maintain an SQL server 12 years ago but I learned by reading tutorials on the Internet. HeidiSQL makes my life so much simpler I'm not having to rebuild my databases regularly like I was back

Shoutcast DNAS Server Download (FREEWARE AGAIN)

There has been a major update for Shoutcast DNAS Server Changes from 2.5.5 build 733 to 2.6.1 build 777: (30 jan 2022) Added SSL support for https streams (Linux only) Added support for 32-char GUID-style authhash (legacy 20-char authhash still supported) Added official & documented support for streambackupurl Added additional parameters for more detailed statistics in Radiomanager Changed all directory links to point to Changed internal links for old rmo to new radiomanager Fixed bitrate reporting accuracy issues Fixed intro/fallback dropping issue caused by an extra byte bug Fixed peak listeners reporting accuracy issue Improved: Always send public ip & port to YP to better accomodate ip changes Improved: flex-break support & pause handling for ad-breaks Improved: increase the overall timeout for YP requests Improved: Send aac & mp3 format version info to YP Improved info messagi