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Run Multiple Internet Radio Stations With RadioDJ

Running an online Internet radio station can be a fun thing to do. However running one radio station isn't enough for some people they want to run more than 1 station. I know of several users running multiple streams & stations using RadioDJ free radio automation software. It's another reason why why RadioDJ is so great and flexible. You can run as many stations as you WANT without it costing you hundreds of $$$ Did You Know? It can cost HUNDREDS of $$$ to run multiple copies of OTHER radio playout software Running 3 stations with SAM Broadcaster would cost $897(USD) I attempted to run two copies of SAM Broadcaster on Windows XP once upon a time, I'll let you guess how that went. Whereas I used to run 2 copies of RadioDJ v1.6.0 together with Virtual Audio cables with zero issues. Obviously there's a limit to how many copies of RadioDJ you can run on one machine but you get the idea!

Make your Station POP! With SAM Broadcaster Pro?

Seen a couple of posts on social media where users claim you can make your radio station sound great with SAM Broadcaster Pro REALLY? I don't think so somehow! I used SAM Broadcaster for over 10 years and was frustrated time and again by audio distortion. My music files were ripped at the same audio levels and bitrates but despite this my music sounded CRAP in SAMBC. You CANNOT make your station POP with SAM Broadcaster as the audio output is AWFUL and amateurish at best. The last thing YOU need as a DJ is piss poor sounding audio your listeners will tune out if it doesn't sound right. It didn't matter what sound settings I tried my stream always sounded piss poor with SAM Broadcaster The audio quality from the bass sound engine really does make RadioDJ sound PROFESSIONAL. I can play different genres of music through RadioDJ & everything sounds GREAT with the above settings. Download RadioDJ and install it and you should notic

Radio Automation Software For Schools (Free)

Are you a teacher trying to teach your students about radio and how it works? Radio can be a fun thing for your students to learn about & who knows it could set them up for future careers media. You have a few bits of software that could be used to teach your students the workings of radio streaming and automation software. One of the best programs to use is RadioDJ free radio automation software and its really easy to setup and use RadioDJ is like the brains of the studio, Its great for automating music/podcasts/interviews etc... The RadioDJ features list includes: Compatible audio formats: mp3, wav, wma, flac, etc; Now playing artist-title exported to file, web or serial (by plugin); Custom number of auxiliary players (by plugin); Audio Processor plugin (with AGC, Compressor, Stereo widening and 10 band Equalizer) Automatically overlap sweepers over start/intro/end; Now playing artist-title exported to file, web or serial (by plugin); Auto skip