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I Rely On SAM Broadcaster Pro To Make a A Living

Came across a guy venting on Spacial Audio's social media feed. I bought SAM Broadcaster Pro recently I was having issues and was told to upgrade to the newest version Now I have no working SAM Broadcaster No way to contact anyone Refused support via email Give me back my money! I rely on SAM for Income No Doubt that comment will end up hidden from other users Spacial have a nasty habit of hiding negative feedback. Then theres this recent comment on the SAM Broadcaster Forums. I am having random problems with SAM Broadcaster freezing Along with "This program has crashed press OK" messages Yet again I'm only relaying what I see on the Internet. Spacial Audio have a RAFT of unhappy fed up users in their wake. The Activation requirement in SAM Broadcaster keeps locking genuine licenced users out of the software as they're just about to go LIVE. Update: September 21st 2023: Spacial Audio appear to have done some work on the SAM su

I'm FED UP With Having To Defend Myself

As most of you know I happen to be the Worlds Biggest fan of RadioDJ ITS A TITLE I'M PROUD OF! RadioDJ is the most perfect piece of radio playout software and works everytime I need to use it. However I get a lot of people having a dig at me for the way I defend the program. Gary is acts in a sectarian way by defending the software tooth and nail I'm fed up with people having a POP at me everytime I go to stick up for the software. OK so I'll admit it RadioDJ isn't 100% FOOLPROOF BUT It performs better than other radio playout solutions. Some Users seem to EXPECT far too much from Marius he codes the software in his spare time and some people can't grasp that. I champion other software as well such as Voicemeeter so my posts are not always about RadioDJ Even in BETA RadioDJ software has been stable and just for the record I've pointed out the flaws with the BETA versions. Flaws have always usually been