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Radio DJ v2.0.0.6 THOUSANDS Of Downloads

I checked the Download figures on the RadioDJ website recently. To say I was slightly taken aback would be an understatement I noticed that RadioDJ v2.0.0.6 had been downloaded 260,072 times & that blew me away. Now tell me RadioDJ isn't the Hottest Property on the Automation market right now I know from watching videos that RadioDJ is being used by some pretty BIG radio stations out there. Of course RadioDJ is going to be popular because its amazingly stable and RELIABLE. Lots of people are learning that RadioDJ is better than paid for radio automation suites which don't always work as advertised. Marius Vaida has anyone ever told you YOU'RE A GENIUS? Little wonder certain software companies are cutting back on their support staff. RadioDJ is the Future of Radio Automation