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Running RadioDJ On A Macbook

While RadioDJ is a Windows program a user recently posted on the forums that they had it running on their Apple Macbook. It doesn't appear to be too diffcult if you know your way around a Macbook. Amazing program runs well together with MariaDB on Windows 10 in a Parallels (16.5.1) virtual machine hosted on macOS (10.15.7 Catalina) on a Macbook I know from experience RadioDJ behaves in a Virtual Machine Environment as its a method I used on Linux for quite a few years. Virtual machines don't have to be a scary prospect. If in Doubt search G o o g l e Reasons to Use RadioDJ: Once installed it's stable and works for days/weeks without needing to keep an eye on it Great Music library support add as many categories & subcategories you require RadioDJ is 100% FREE and has ZERO restrictions on what YOU use it for The Database is really stable. Plus RadioDJ comes with a D

Using Sam DJ To Mix With? Erm... No! (Formerly SAM Party DJ)

Spacial Audio have written another blog post about SAM DJ (Formerly SAM Party DJ) They claim SAM DJ is great for mixing/beat matching...? This is a line that really stuck out in the blog post SAM DJ is designed to detect, match and transition between the right sort of songs on your playlist. Its just a stripped down version of SAM Broadcaster (without the encoders or PAL scripts) The crossfading in SAM DJ is the same crossfading that's in SAM Broadcaster and that really can mess up your segues. SAM Party DJ might be great for a bar to provide background music but it's clearly not suitable for doing live DJ mixing work. Yes I thought that too! Then theres this user complaining about the software disappearing every 30 minutes that would be embarrasing during a set. Since I updated SAM DJ to the new 2021 version this week, it keeps closing itself every 30 minutes roughly with no warning. You'll get LAUGHED OFF stage when SAM DJ crashes

The Perils Of Activation Servers (SAM Broadcaster Pro)

Since December 2007 Spacial Audio have required users to activate SAM Broadcaster Pro and all their other software. However the Activation Servers can sometimes have issues with how many active activations a user has. When I try to reinstall SAM I am getting an error message stating I am over the allowed number of activations. I only had it installed on one machine Hundreds of SAM Broadcaster users have had the same issue since the activation requirement was hard coded into the software You are entitled to 1 license for this program 1 licence = 1 registration key which activates the program You are permitted to activate the program on different 3 systems You can only run 1 copy of SAM Broadcaster Pro per licence and you CANNOT run multiple copies. Its another reason that SAM Broadcaster Pro sucks the way Spacial Audio LIMIT usage of their software. The SAM activation server has a nasty habit of locking users out of the software, sometimes as t

Disable Cortana Windows 10

If you don't want Cortana taking over your Windows 10 PC you can easily stop Cortana by a simple registry hack. 1) Download this .zip file and Extract the files to a folder of your choosing. Disable Cortana Zip 2) Double Click on Disable Cortana.reg registry file and run when prompted. 3) You should now have Silenced Cortana on your PC. RESTART WINDOWS AFTER CHANGING THESE SETTINGS! Important: This tutorial involves changing registry settings so you run the instructions at your OWN RISK

Important: Turn Off Windows Sounds And Other Audio Settings

I quite often see new DJ's asking how they stop the sounds from their PC going over onto their stream. This is another good question & it's really quite simple to fix. You need to right click on the speaker icon in the taskbar and choose "Sounds" or use Control Panel>Sound Right click on the sound output you use and choose properties. The sounds tab is where you need to be. In the drop down menu choose "No Sounds" and click apply then you shouldn't hear Windows sounds over your audio. There is another audio setting you should change 1) Find your soundcard in the list of sound devices and right click choose properties. 2) Under the Advanced tab uncheck the tick boxes under exclusive mode and click Apply. TIP: Also do the same for your default recording device and/or Virtual Audio Cables. 3) Under the Communications tab you need to set it to "Do Nothing" Most settings

Switch Off User Account Control Windows 10

There are certain pieces of software out there that just don't work or interact well with UAC. For anyone else who may come across this topic here is how you Disable UAC (User Account Control) on Windows 10 In order to switch off UAC in W10 you need to go to the Start Menu and search for Regedit & run it as administrator. You need to navigate to Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System In the right hand pane you need to find EnableLUA right click and choose Modify and change the value to 0 When you have done this Restart your computer and UAC should now allow you to install software on your Windows 10 PC Important: This tutorial involves changing registry settings so you run the instructions at your OWN RISK I cannot be held liable for any damage or data loss that comes from changing UAC settings.