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Zeno Media Charging Music Stations

Its recently come to my attention that ZENO FM the streaming service has now started charging Music based radio stations at $9.99 a MONTH. Now YOU DON'T get to see the warning about being charged until you've started the signup process. I guess music based stations already using ZenoFM will get a warning at some point that they will have to pay. It was only a matter of time I guess, they've kept the streaming free for quite sometime now. Royalties are the biggest bane of most Internet radio stations owners lives especially for American stations. Most of the free streaming services only allow you to stream at 32Kbps. Whereas there was/is no bitrate capping with ZenoFM. I've used Zeno Media and I've now logged out and won't use the service again if they're now charging MUSIC stations to stream. I can't afford to run a full time station. The c

Its Really Easy To Stream Audio From Your Computer

As the title of the post suggests it need not be a faff when you want to stream audio on the Internet. I know it can seem daunting setting up an Streaming Encoder for the first time. Its not difficult to setup a streaming encoder all you is a Shoutcast or Icecast server to stream your Audio to. The hardest part is configuring the soundcard and encoder options. Once thats done the world really is your Oyster. I currently use Sound Empire Caster to stream audio and its rare to have an issue. I've certainly not noticed any buffering. I know other users of Sound Empire Caster have only good things to say about it. Sound Empire Caster 1.1.5 Sound Empire Caster 1.1.6 Sound Empire Caster 1.2.7 Sound Empire Caster 1.2.8 How To Configure An Encoder After configuring the encoder you then need to configure the audio from whichever audio source you want to broadcast live. Some peopl

What Do Spammers Hope To Achieve?

I hate Spam in all its forms & I hate spammers when they send banal email over and over. I've hated Spam emails ever since getting a Virus in 2002 I wasn't as Computer savvy back then. I taught myself all about how to handle viruses and spam. Its rare I get Spam & Viruses these days. Then theres the Forum Spammers who are a different Breed altogether. What is it Spammers hope to achieve when they deface a Forum? Lord knows but its a never ending task trying to stop them. Its rare for me to miss a spammer on the Forum I moderate, I check at least 4 times a day to weed out the spammers trying to get through. Q: Who is paying these spammers to disrupt normal Forum functions? I guess that is the $64,000 question. A good managed forum shouldn't let spammers get through but theres always that odd time where moderators don't catch Spam in time. Thank goodness for the Stop Forum Spam service that

11 Years & Still Going Strong

I discovered RadioDJ in 2010 and its been something of a love affair ever since I downloaded and installed the software. After I installed RadioDJ for the first time I could tell it was a quailty product with a bright future. I champion RadioDJ because Its Piece of Software that I believe in RadioDJ is a piece of software that performs amazingly well it automates music/jingles/promos without crashing. I was able to do live shows back when I was streaming with confidence because I TRUSTED RadioDJ from the start. I recently installed an old version of RadioDJ on my Windows 10 PC (v1.6.0) and its performing as it did when I first used it 10 years ago, Even 1.6.0 sounds and performs like the newer versions even if it doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the newer 2.x.x. versions. I've never had RadioDJ crash I cannot say that about other radio automation software I've had the MISFORT