RadioDJ Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Q: How do I find the RadioDJ error logs?
A: Providing you've enabled error reporting in RadioDJ (Main options Screen) you need to do the following.

Start>Control Panel>Administrative tools>Event viewer>Windows Logs>Application

Or look at the error logs in the logs folder in the RadioDJ program directory.

Q: The RadioDJ database loses the tracks that I had previously imported what can it be?
A: Are your files on an external USB hard drive or NAS network?

USB drives power down if you don't change the settings in device manager power options.

With NAS storage all it takes is the network to go down briefly for RadioDJ not to find a track for it to get disabled in RadioDJ

If RadioDJ cannot find tracks it disables them its easy to relocate those tracks using utilities.

If you experience issues with an Internal spindle disc drive it could be a sign the drive is about to fail.

I replaced my old traditonal hard drives with Sold State drives and I have excellent performance.

A SSD doesn't have to break the bank you can get them at reasonable prices

Q: Will RadioDJ Ever be made Open Source?
A: Not anytime soon I'm afraid. Marius always says NO to that suggestion.

Q: I've moved my tracks to another hard drive. How do I get RadioDJ to recognise those tracks again?
A: Run verify tracks DO NOT check the box that says "delete invaild tracks" as you don't want to delete songs from the database.

Then use Utilities>Relocate Tracks to find the songs again.

Tip: Make sure you take a database backup using the database setup tool after you have located the songs again.

It also helps if you try to use the same drive letter where possible. (e.g: F:\Music)

Q: I'm trying to upgrade to V2043 and I get an error about COLUMN `bs1770` missing?
A: Something went wrong while you were upgrading the Database. Don't worry it happens.

Just run this query in HeidiSQL or the Database setup


You should be good to use v2043.

Q: The player is only showing elapsed time how do it switch it to remaining?
A: Cick with your mouse where the time is showing as Elapsed and it should then display the Remaining time.

Its an easy thing to miss if you've only just started using the software.

Q: RadioDJv2 says I don't have access and that I need to contact the administrator
A: The default login for RadioDJ is admin/admin

When you've logged in you can disable user accounts or set yourself an account up using the user account control from users in the options menu.

Tip: If you set up an administrator account make sure you write the username & password down as its encrypted in the database

Q: How do I enable disabled songs in the database?
A: Run this query in Heidi SQL

update songs
set enabled='1'
where enabled='-1'

Q: Why isn't there sound coming from Radio DJ?
A: Have you accidentally clicked mute on the Tray icon? Or Muted your speakers/sound card

Have you updated your Windows/Manufacturers Sound drivers that could also be a reason as to why Audio isn't working correctly

Q: Have you come across an error like this in Windows Event Viewer?

(ERROR: BASS_ERROR_FILEFORM! File: E: Music\Oldies\1910 Fruitgum Company - Yummy Yummy Yummy.mp3)

A: Check the Cue points on the end of affected tunes it happens when a cue point is missing (Dont ask me why it does it)

Q: Help I Can't batch rename files/genres/categories in tracks manager v2.0.0
A: Just click on the bar at the left hand side with <<< on it to open the track manager options

Q: How do I delete multiple playlists
A: Go to the options menu and choose playlists from there you can delete the playlists you need to delete.

Q: Will RadioDJ play VIDEO content?
A: While RadioDJ supports .mp4;* & .m4a;* files it will ONLY play the AUDIO content and NOT the VIDEO.

RadioDJ doesn't have video playback capabilities its only an audio program.

Besides why would you want video playback on the radio?

Q: My Copy of RadioDJ seems to be Sluggish/Freezing
A: Add the RadioDJ program folder to the exclusion list in Windows Defender or your Antivirus.

We also suggest adding the music folders to the exclude list in WD or your AV software. That will help with performance

This will stop important RadioDJ files from being scanned and should improve performance

Tip: How to further improve the performance on Windows?

- Disable Indexing Service. Indexing service is helping your computer file search, but it comes with a great cost, performance.

If you noticed that sometimes your computer is not responding this service can be the culprit because it scans each of your files regularly to keep track of them.

- Disable "Connected User Experiences and Telemetry" service which keeps tracking whatever you do (and even sends some data to M$ servers)

Control Panel>Administrative tools>Services

Tip: for smooth audio do the following:

Right click on the Speaker icon, Choose Sounds, Highlight the Line/soundcard output in use and click Properties..

Under the advanced tab there will be a box ticked

Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device

Uncheck that box and click apply.

Make sure Windows Sounds are turned off too as you don't want computer sounds over your stream.


Q: Can I stream music from sites such as Spotify, Deezer, Mixcloud etc... in RadioDJ ?
A: In short the answer is NO

Those sites DO NOT allow the music to be streamed/played outside of their websites for legal reasons.

Re-recording/Rebroadcasting those songs is against their T.O.S and could land you in all sorts of trouble.

Home Taping is Killing Music

Q: What about the playback of podcasts?
A: You can play podcasts in RadioDJ as long as you have the permission from the author of that podcast to re-broadcast it.

We hope this clears things up for you. The last thing you need is to be in Legal hot water.

For more tips please feel free to search the RadioDJ Community Forums

An updated user manual written by a user of RadioDJ Is now available for Download

T.O.S = Terms Of Service