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Totally Free Radio DJ Music Automation Software

This was a search that showed up in Google Analytics on my old WP website. Totally Free Radio DJ Music Automation Software So you want some totally FREE radio playout software? Well step this way... The main piece of radio automation software I recommend is RadioDJ RadioDJ has been developed for over 10 years and has been FREE since it was first released. Radio DJ is free is because the author wanted to help broadcasters get their station on air without spending $$$ on software. RadioDJ has since gone on to be used by professional (AM/FM) radio stations who use it for their stations music output. Despite what other radio automation software developers might say RadioDJ doesn't need marketing gimmicks the software speaks for itself One user reported an amazing uptime with RadioDJ recently they had v1.8.2 running for 4 years on a laptop. Radio DJ is easy enough to setup & Ideally you should be up and running in under an hour. No activations – No c

Create Your Own DIY Radio Station For FREE

Have you ever fancied creating your own online DIY radio station? Its not as difficult as you might think and is really easy to setup. What do you actually need to create an online radio station? Broadband with a decent upload speed (Min 2MB second) A mixing desk and microphone Varied Music collection minimum of 2500 tracks Decent radio playout software You can pick microphones and mixing desks cheap on sites like eBay. When I was broadcasting I paid £90 for my mixer and around £50-60 on a microphone. You need to route the microphone through a mixing desk into the line-in usually the (blue socket) on your soundcard input. Use software such as Voicemeeter to route your voice through to the stand alone encoding software. Next you'll be wanting some radio automation software to spin your tunes with, for this we recommend RadioDJ RadioDJ runs on .NET (At least 3.5 & 4.6.1) and a MYSQL server & is tested working on Windows (7/8/10) No activations

Setting Up Shoutcast DNAS 2.x.x On Windows

How to setup Shoutcast 2 on Windows. 1) Download Shoutcast V2 pick the right download for your computer. 64-bit Download 32-bit Download  2) Run the exe and install to C:\Shoutcast 3) Go into the Shoutcast folder on the C:\ drive. You need to be in the examples folder. Open sc_serv_basic.conf with Notepad or Word Pad. 4) Edit the basic settings. Choose your passwords and Port (Port 8000 is the Default port) 5) Save the sc_serv_basic.conf file as sc_serv.conf and save it to the main Shoutcast folder on the C:\ drive. 6) Now start the Shoutcast server by running sc_serv.exe If a warning pops up about allowing a program through the Firewall allow it through. Tip: Also unblock the port you wish to stream from on your Broadband Router. Port forwarding uses ports 8000 and 8001. If all goes to plan you should now have running shoutcast server. People should be able to listen to your stream if you

I Don't Have To Lift A Finger (RadioDJ FREE Radio Playout)

One of the GREAT things about RadioDJ is once you have your automation setup you may just find you don't have to touch things. I can switch RadioDJ onto Auto DJ press play and rotations and events do the rest. You can have Jingles & Playlists loading by event, You can also load different rotations at different times of day also via an event. RadioDJ will make your radio station more streamlined and because its better programmed you won't need to keep an eye on things. One user had an uptime of 4 years with RadioDJ 1.8.2 Sadly I could never get this sort of stabilty from other well known radio automation software. I was lucky to get a few hours uptime let alone days with other radio playout software. One of the pieces of software would crash and take the database with it. Some of the credit needs to go to MariaDB without it I wouldn't have a stable database.

MySQL 8 Problems (RadioDJ)

Over the past year or so I've seen LOTS of people having issues with MySQL 8 and RadioDJ. Which has now lead Marius to post about using RadioDJ with MySQL 8 Marius carried out out some tests and its quite clear that MySQL 8 takes longer to process queries compared to MariaDB. Query Duration MySQL8: 1.7712764 seconds Query Duration MariaDB: 0.0081946 seconds As you can see the difference is huge on MySQL8 it takes almost 2 seconds just to run a single query. I found MySQL to be bloated when it came to installing it to test it There were far too many options to setup MySQL8 Whereas MariaDB is simpler to install and not so bloated I've used MariaDB since June 2014 and it performs 100% better than Oracle MySQL ever did. I've NOT had to rebuild my RadioDJ database since 2014. I take daily backups so I don't lose my hard work. Its rare for MariaDB databases to crash (IF EVER) I've not had to run a repair in a w

How To: Connect RadioDJ to Shoutcast or Icecast

To connect RadioDJ to Shoutcast or Icecast you need a stand alone encoder. The MYTH that a stand alone encoder is harder to use is put out by developers who include built in encoders in their software 1) Install the standalone encoder of your choice. 2) Configure the stand alone encoder software to take the audio from your soundcard. TIP: If you don't have a physical sound card then you can use Virtual Audio Cables 3) Configure Your encoder(s) to connect to Shoutcast or Icecast. 4) Connect to the server and et voila you should have audio streaming from RadioDJ to your audio server. 5) RadioDJ outputs now playing info to a text file (e.g: C:\NowPlaying.txt) you can connect most stand alone encoders to the text file. Its really NOT difficult to stream on the Internet with modern technology Free Shoutcast and Icecast services can be found by searching the Internet.