It appears I've somehow upset people in the world of Internet radio because of the posts written on my blog.

IT SADDENS ME that I've had to Write this Page because of people and their GRIPES!

Site Disclaimer DJ Garybaldy

1) This site is a personal blog and is NOT affiliated with RadioDJ I'm just a HUGE FAN

I've been a user of RadioDJ software since 2010 and I have NEVER had an issue while using it for my music output

My views on RadioDJ are no more BIASED than the next user

I'm PASSIONATE about a piece of software and that doesn't make my views any less valid.

2) I do NOT write any of the code or plugins for RadioDJ.

RadioDJ is written, compiled and coded by Marius Vaida

The Copyright of RadioDJ is held by BROADCAST MEDIAWARE LLC

3) I will promote RadioDJ free radio automation software: Where I want, When I want, However I want

4) What is written on this blog is PERSONAL opinion and general musings about the world of Internet radio some good, some bad

Just because I've had a different experience with certain radio automation software offerings

It Does NOT give you the right to: Abuse, Bully, Belittle, Spam, Stalk, Ridicule or Otherwise Harass ME!

5) The documented posts about SAM Broadcaster & Spacial Audio Support are truthful and factual.

I only relay what I see on Social Media and the Internet

You'd be amazed at how many complaints Spacial Audio attract

SAM Broadcaster really is as unstable as My Posts Say and I'm not alone in thinking SAM Broadcaster is an AWFUL P.O.S

I don't have to make Spacial Audio look Useless and Incompetent they manage to do that all by themselves

Spacial Audio Customer Support makes Users feel like VICTIMS rather than Customers

You can block referrers from my website if you want Spacial Audio it won't stop me exposing the TRUTH about your Software

6) I've been accused of misleading people with posts written on this blog

I research my posts as I write them Its easy to find out certain information on certain bad software companies.

All posts are 100% truthful & factual RadioDJ really is 100% FREE

radio dj free radio automation music software
Reasons to Use RadioDJ:
  1. Once installed it's stable and works for days/weeks without needing to keep an eye on it
  2. Great Music library support add as many categories & subcategories you require
  3. RadioDJ doesn't require online activations or registration keys
  4. RadioDJ sounds Professional with the BASS sound engine
  5. RadioDJ is 100% FREE and has ZERO restrictions on what YOU use it for
  6. The Database is really stable. Plus RadioDJ comes with a Database Backup Tool
  7. Easy to manage Playlists, Rotations & Events for all your automation needs
  8. Great Technical Support should something go wrong with your installation via the Forums
  9. Customisable Interface with the Color Editor

How To Install RadioDJ

7) If I feel a piece of software needs testing and reviewing then it is up to me what I write

I test software frequently & sometimes I test it to destruction

IT isn't that hard to find the weak points in some radio automation software

Please don't be annoyed with me for pointing out bugs, errors and flaws in YOUR software

8) I would like to make it perfectly clear that this blogger site:

  • Does not host serial numbers
  • Does not host pirated software (warez)
  • Does not host key generators
  • Does not host information on reverse engineering or otherwise bypassing software copy protection
  • Does not host illegal content of any kind
  • Does not link to any material listed above hosted elsewhere.

Posts about Pirated software are in the context of:

Why use illegal software when there are FREE LEGAL alternatives! (WITHOUT EXCEPTION)

9) You download software and scripts from this website at your OWN RISK!

While I try to ensure that software supplied via links on this blog is FREE from malware/viruses/spyware

I cannot guarantee those pieces of software will be compatible with your computer or operating system.

10) NONE of the posts on this blog are Marketing Gimmicks nor are any of my Links Clickbait.

The software being promoted doesn't require any Gimmicks or Cheap Tricks.

11) If there are any spelling mistakes or other errors its due to my Dyslexia and sometimes I make mistakes

12) When I started blogging in 2011 It was never my intention to PISS ANYONE OFF!

I don't know why people think I'm a bad person, I'm not the Unapproachable Ogre that some people think I am

Someone had to have the Gumption to reveal things about Spacial Audio and their Shady Practices

Don't Blame The Whistle Blower