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Turn Your Firewall Off?

Read a Tweet from another user having issues getting support from Spacial Audio They've told this user to switch their Firewall & Security off. My radio station has been off for 3 weeks I contacted Spacial customer service They told me to switch the Firewall and Security off Thats dangerous advice from Spacial Audio the Firewall & Security protects a users computer. As to why their SAM software doesn't play nicely with the Windows Firewall is anyones guess. The CODE of SAM Broadcaster Pro/Studio is Awful at best and still crashes time after time. RadioDJ FREE radio Automation doesn't require the Firewall or Security to be switched off. Spacial Audio Support really do NOT know their Arse from their Elbow

Clockwheel Failures In SAM Broadcaster Are Frequent And Annoying

Have You ever seen this Error in SAM Broadcaster Pro I have more than ONCE even though the software had enough music tracks to choose from. I had title separation set at 1440 minutes (24 Hours) and artist separation at 240 minutes Lack of available songs/artists/files WASN'T the cause of the issue I had over 5000 tracks in my Library at the time. I gave SAM Broadcaster up as a bad job & I was truly fed up to the back teeth with SAM Broadcaster not working as it should! I decided to switch to RadioDJ after the Clockwheel Failures and other assorted problems with SAM Broadcaster instantly liked the program & found it easy to use. It held up for a lot longer than SAM Broadcaster Pro ever could. I swear by RadioDJ as an automation program its flawless RadioDJ has NEVER let me down & I've never had a Track Rotation fail in RDJ Reasons to Use RadioDJ: Once installed it's stable a

Spacial Audio Fired Us!

Yes its another post about how Lackluster Spacial Audio Support are. I've been watching a thread on Twitter where a user was simply told to go find another service by the Support desk at Spacial. His Crime? Asking Spacial Audio Support for help. We were *trying* to work with @spacial but when we asked them for help @spacial "fired" us! Seriously? If Spacial keep pissing customers off they'll soon have no customers to support. Spacial Audio have recently found another way not to give help. They've made the SAM BROADCASTER forums READ ONLY. Spacial do not help you their website is not working there is no links for tech help Why anyone does business with Spacial Audio is beyond me They LIE, They Cheat and the support desk doesn't help anyone. I really hope they go out of business one day Spacial Audio Solutions LLC are a STAIN on the Internet Radio Community