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Winamp Is 25 (How Time Flies)

25 years ago (21 April 1997) the first version of Winamp was released by Nullsoft (Remember Them?) I discovered Winamp in 1999 when I was looking for an mp3 player on my first time using a computer running Windows 98. I was downloading music files from a website called AudioGalaxy at first even on a Dial Up connection. It was 2001 before I got my own PC running Windows XP which cost me the best part of 900 quid. In 2002 I learnt how to stream on Shoutcast along side Winamp for the music automation. Although It wasn't much KOP at automation & you had to change playlists manually PLUS it had no artist seperation rules built in. The Shoutcast DSP encoding software would regularly cut out Winamp is only good for listening to Shoutcast or playing tracks It's NOWHERE near suitable for automating an online radio station 24/7 A factor I later blamed for not attracting an

Dear Arthritis (How You Have Robbed Me)

I used to walk & cycle most places and had no issues walking long distances I used to take walking for granted. I carried Record cases to/from gigs and a full record case could be heavy when packed with Singles & Albums. In 1995 I was a bar cellarman and I was throwing 22 and 11 gallon barrels around a cellar and lifting crates with NO ISSUES. In 1998 I worked in a huge cellar in the West end of London that went through over 50 barrels a week. it was 2002 when I started to realise that something wasn't right when I had a back spasm while out shopping. Back spasms can be extremely debilitating and I have to rest when they happen & theres no cure for my Spondylosis. I was diagnosed with Osteoarthrtis & Spondylosis in 2010 and I had a reasonable(ish) quality of life back then. Around the time of my Arthritis diagnosis I started usi

35 Years Out And Proud (My Gay Anniversary)

In 1987 a DJ thought he was being clever at an Under 18s Disco at a Nightclub in Scunthorpe. He OUTED ME AS GAY I'm not sure IF he'd been Dared to do it by some Idiot. Either way I cannot forgive the DJ for doing it, It was cruel and unjust. After he OUTED me I got lots of hassle off straight lads in the club & I should have complained to the Manager about the DJ. One of my Female school friends offered me a lift home that night after the disco finished just so I didn't get lynched. Turned out accepting that lift home was the most sensible thing I could have done that night. I have NEVER denied who and what I am & I guess thats what got up some peoples noses. I couldn't go anywhere in my home town without being called QUEER or other abusive names by lowlife scum. I got my nose broken by a punch from behind in one attack I knew I was DIFFERENT when I was at In