Boycott Russian Software (DJ SOFT RadioBoss, RadioLogger and RadioCaster)

Because of Putin's WAR in Ukraine I'm asking people to BOYCOTT Russian Software

We stand with Ukraine

If YOU have any Russian software installed UNINSTALL IT NOW

Russian law dictates that software companies could be obliged to infiltrate Foreign systems there are obligations on organisations to assist the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB)

Businesses and individuals using Russian-owned software are at higher risk of a cyber attack

I'm asking people to also Boycott DJ SOFT software: RadioBoss, Radio Logger and RadioCaster.

Plus DJ Soft's RadioBoss Cloud service.

Q: IS DJ SOFT a Russian Developer?


A: YES the Physical Mailing Address is:

IP Kuzmitski D.V.
Prajskaya 17-9
Volgograd 400005
Russian Federation

DJSOFT Took their address off his website the 1st day of the Invasion but Wayback Machine had it cached.

DO NOT BUY RUSSIAN Software products WE have to take a stand against Putin and his war!

The Ukrainian people DIDN'T ask for an Invasion of their beautiful country!

If you don't stop using Russian Software
We'll assume that you are on the WRONG side of history

RadioCaster isn't to be confused with Sound Empire Caster which was coded by a Ukrainian