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The Input Button Is NOT A Microphone Input (RadioDJ)

New users to RadioDJ seem to keep thinking that the Input button is a Microphone Button. The INPUT button never was intended as a Microphone Input and if you do try and use it you will get delay and feedback. The Input is NOT like the VOICE FX feature in other radio playout software. A great way of routing your Audio from your Microphone can be done by software such as Voicemeeter You connect your microphone to a Mixer before you send the audio to your computer via the line-in socket You can manage your Mic input via Voicemeeter which you then route to the encoding software The Voice FX feature in other software has never worked as it should Voicemeeter is the Essential Audio Superfood & It will make you sound MORE PROFESSIONAL!

You Cannot Run Multiple Instances (SAM Broadcaster Pro)

One of the biggest bug bears of mine is the you cannot run multiple instances of certain radio playout software. Even if You attempted to run 2 copies of SAM Broadcaster on the same machine you'd have issues with the PC. I once attempted to run 2 copies of SAM 2.7.9 on an old XP computer 20 years ago and the machine kept freezing and crashing. One of the problems SAM suffers with is MEMORY LEAKS an issue which hasn't been addressed in over 20 years. If you run LOTS of PAL SCRIPTS your computer will be sluggish and sometimes unresponsive because of the leaks. Theres a topic on the SAM Broadcaster Forums telling you how to run multiple instances It the does state in the SAM Broadcaster EULA from 2017 that you cannot run more than 1 instance on the same PC. SAM Broadcaster is YESTERDAY'S Technology and isn't worth the $$$ Spacial Audio ask for it. Save your self the headaches of software cr