Reasons Not To Use SAM Broadcaster Pro

I can think of a few reasons WHY you might want to choose an alternative to  SAM Broadcaster Pro or Studio

1) Lousy Customer Support:

When SAM Broadcaster goes wrong (and it will) don't expect to get much help from Spacial Audio:

The Spacial support department sends users the same old canned replies without actually helping anyone.

Spacial Audio like to play BIG Corporate with their small Support team that have never even used or opened the software themselves.

The Customer service manager is rude to users on a regular basis.

Even the forums and social media accounts are staffed by people who don't really care about the software.

People have even taken to Social media to vent their frustrations at not getting much in the way of support.

@Spacial Audio are the worst software company I have EVER come across.

@spacial Customer Support makes me feel more like a Victim, than a Customer.

@spacial support reps are the laziest people I’ve ever dealt with...

I don't have to make Spacial Audio look Incompetent they manage to do that all by themselves.

2) Quality and stability of the code:

SAM Broadcaster is prone to crashing or freezing without warning & seemingly for no reason whatsoever.

SAM Broadcaster pro stopping working error message

SAM relies on .XML files for some back end functions and if one of those files gets corrupted then SAM tends to crash without any warning.

Sounds like a corrupted SAMBC.core.xml file. Try uninstalling and reinstalling SAM. Although you will loose all of your settings.

SAM Broadcaster has always had very poor stability and reliability I had nothing but headaches using the software.

RadioDJ also relies on XML files and I've never had a crashed or corrupted XML setting file while using RadioDJ.

A user posted this on the forums recently

So I'm using the most recent Version of Sam Broadcaster Pro 2021.4 and I'm having a issue of the software hanging up on me.

Not a month goes by without me seeing someone on social media or a forum complaining about major issues with SAM Broadcaster Pro

@spacial Your recent update of Sam Broadcaster Pro keeps crashing on me unexpectedly, are you aware of it happening with other users?

There have also been reports of people missing their regular radio shows because the program wouldn't co-operate.

Things like that should NEVER happen with radio playout software!

3) Distorted Audio Output (Audio Distortion)

I've never been able to get a professional sound from the AGC or equaliser in SAM Broadcaster

sam broadcaster agc

Even with settings/presets suggested by other users SAM just never sounded right despite music files being ripped at the right audio levels.

Music and Jingles alaways seemed distorted in SAM Broadcaster yet the files sounded OK in other audio playback software.

If you get the audio settings wrong your music output will sound distorted & Its easy to program the wrong settings.

4) The Database Structure:

SAM Broadcaster has very badly written database structures which will crash without warning.

The Firebird database option doesn't fare much better we often see posts like this.

I installed SAM Broadcaster with the help of a software engineer, We used the included Firebird server. Then SAM wouldn't restart, and I'd have to start over. Then sooner, and again start over, To the point where it's TOTALLY taking the fun out of this.

When I first used the software we found I was having to rebuild the database every few days or weeks & it became tiresome.

Nothing much appears to have changed in 20 years.

Coding a website for SAM Broadcaster was a nightmare

It needn't be difficult, It just is (TechMonkey)

5) The Encoders:

I've yet to see the encoders within SAM Broadcaster stream properly or hold up during a live show.

The encoders are prone to even if you have a reliable connection.

Unable to send data fast enough Encoding paused till buffer clears...

Even the old Winamp DSP Plugin encoders suffered from the same dreaded buffering issues...

winamp dsp plugin sam encoders

Buffering has happened to lots of users with different Internet service providers, different computers, & different streaming hosts.

The connection & buffering issues aren't limited to just ONE user but HUNDREDS of users.

In my tests the SAM Broadcaster encoders buffered on a local internal Shoutcast server that's how poorly coded the encoders are!

A search on the subject on the SAM forums leads to 28 pages of users being told its their connection at fault.

Just been to test SAM Broadcaster 2021.5 and I cannot get an encoder to connect to my Icecast server. The details for the server have been entered correctly it just won't connect and gives me constant 401 errors

Other encoding programs are connecting just fine to the Icecast server.

I haven't encountered any buffering issues with standalone encoding software

6) PAL (Playlist Automation Language) Scripts:

PAL scripts can be difficult to program if you're new to them.

PAL scripts are well known for crashing SAM Broadcaster Pro due to the amount of memory leaks they cause if written incorrectly.

It's easier to design a bad PAL script than to design a good one.

Most if not all PAL script examples I tested in 2002 from the Forums froze and locked up the software.

7) The Price:

SAM Broadcaster costs $299 & the latest Studio version costs an eyewatering $699

Although its just a normal copy of SAM Broadcaster with the word STUDIO shoved on the end.

The price hike between the Pro and Studio versions means Terrestrial (FM/AM) stations can now use their software.

Where as before it was restricted to just Internet radio.

Although we guess most Terrestrial AM/FM radio stations use software that costs thousands of $$$

Not some shoddy P.O.S concieved by a group of hobby broadcasters in 1999.

sam 1.3

Spacial Audio have sales on Black Friday and even then the software isn't worth the $$$ they charge for it.

8) Racing Audio (Double Speed Bug):

This a known issue with SAM Broadcaster that speeds up the music that is currently playing.

It happens Randomly & has been a BUG that has never been addressed since the early days.

Spacial Audio claim to have solved the racing audio bug but I somewhat doubt it myself.

Thats just a few reasons why I think you shouldn't use SAM Broadcaster Pro/Studio

STOP paying Spacial Audio $$$ for their overpriced software!

You will regret making that purchase when you can't get a refund.

Spacial Audio don't like giving refunds...

Save yourself the headaches of SAM Broadcaster not working as advertised by using RadioDJ instead.

You will save yourself lots of $$$ into the bargain!

  • Radio DJ is a FREE radio playout automation solution for Windows
  • RadioDJ doesn't require key codes to unlock all the features
  • Radio DJ doesn't require online activations or registrations
  • RadioDJ doesn't keep dialling home (No Touch Aborted Messages)
  • RadioDJ won't crash like SAM Broadcaster is known to

No activations – No contracts - No keys – No hidden fees – No catches - No gimmicks

Radio DJ free radio playout software

How To Install RadioDJ

You DON'T have any restrictions with RadioDJ.

You are free to use Radio DJ: Where you want, When you want, How you want.

You cannot say the same for SAM Broadcaster the EULA is quite strict as to what you can and cannot do with Spacial Audio software.

Once setup and installed RadioDJ will function as a great radio automation program should.

Lots of users are running multiple radio stations with RadioDJ.

Another user had RadioDJ v1.8.2 running 24/7 for over 4 years.

RadioDJ is really reliable the only time I have to restart RadioDJ is when Windows updates require the computer to be restarted.

In the UNLIKELY event that something should go wrong with RadioDJ there is a great support network on the Community Forums.

RadioDJ Community Forums

I wish I'd never used SAM Broadcaster IT really is the most Infuriating P.O.S ever.

SAM Broadcaster had so much promise but sadly it didn't live up to the HYPE!

P.O.S = Piece Of Software OR Piece Of Shit: You decide!

EULA = End User Licence Agreement