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Thank You Voicemeeter (VB Audio)

Last week I reinstalled Windows 11 on my laptop as something had gone wrong with the Bluetooth After reinstalling I was struggling to get audio from my speakers despite having updated drivers. Then I had a thought about seeing if Voicemeeter would help the issue. BINGO I had audio again Voicemeeter was allowing me to channel the audio from RadioDJ to a Bluetooth connection. I've LOVED Voicemeeter since it came out its a Genius piece of software. Voicemeeter easily allows you to route audio from your PC to your output. With Voicemeeter there is no need for a Microphone/Input/Voice FX Button. Voicemeeter will make your audio POP and sound more Professional. As for the Audio driver issue on the Windows 11 laptop I've troubleshot as much as I can BUT to no avail its confusing.

Streamlining Our Services (Spacial Audio)

The usual bullshit email from Spacial Audio dropped into my email yesterday. They start off the email by saying news letters will be a quarterly thing rather than a monthly thing. Then they go onto say they've made the support forums a read only resource. (I reckon) They've done this to Scupper my blogging so I cant see customers blowing their stack at Spacial support. This isn't Spacial Audio Streamlining Its Spacial Audio finding even more ways not to SUPPORT users Spacial seem to have ditched most social media but I still see pissed off SAM Broadcaster users posting somehwere every now and then. If I didn't know better I'd say Spacial Audio are struggling for sales of their SAM Broadcaster Pro software. I guess if they're "Streamlining" that means they'll probably have laid off support staff. YET MORE REASONS NOT TO DO BUSINESS WITH SPACIAL AUDIO