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SAM Broadcaster Pro How Good Is It?

This was a question I saw askd by someone on a Forum. Q: SAM Broadcaster Pro: How good is it? A: IMHO It's not a very good piece of software & it's not worth the $299 & $699 pricetags SAM Broadcaster can be extremely tricky for a novice to setup it gets confusing having 5 different database options on first run. Firebird is the worst of the database options and is flaky and unstable. Firebird can only hold around 50,000 tracks in its database so no good if you have a large library (100K+) of songs I installed SAM Broadcaster with the help of a software engineer. We used the included Firebird server. That worked well for a few days. Then SAM wouldn't restart. I'd have to start over again. SAM fails more and more now. To the point where it crashes at least once/twice a Week. This is taking the fun out of this. We often hear users reporting crashing/buffering/activation issues with SAM Broadcaster often taking stations o

Why Can't I Use DSP Plugins With RadioDJ 2.x.x.x

Regular users of RadioDJ will know that version 1.8.2 used to support plugins made by other users. One of those Plugins written by SnowHow supported the use of certain DSP plugins within RadioDJ. When RadioDJ rolled over to version 2.x.x.x the plugin structure was changed and OLD plugins weren't supported as they had been in version 1.8.2 HOWEVER If you really neeed a DSP (digital signal processor) plugin to enhance your sound you can do it from within Sound Empire Caster Sound Empire Caster supports the use of DSP plugins. You need to place the .dll and .xml files into the main SEC program folder and you should then have access to that DSP after a restart They will be in the left side panel to activate a plugin hightlight the DSP you want to use and use the arrows to move it into the right side panel. TIP: Click SAVE so it remembers the plugin all the time. Sound Empire Caster shouldn't have issues with the DSP of Stere

The Most Perfect Database Software?

2021 will mark 7 years of me being a MariaDB user. I've used it alongside a few versions of RadioDJ. I'd seen someone mention in 2014 that they had found MariaDB so I went and installed it. In 7 years Maria DB hasn't let me down. I can't even remember the last time I had to fire up HeidiSQL to do maintenance to my databases. MariaDB is being used by some large corporations across the world! I had MariaDB powering my old website before I had to cancel the VPS due to technical issues beyong my control. On my VPS servers MariaDB performed amazingly well compared to MySQL Community Server from Oracle. The author of RadioDJ did a few tests and it appears that MariaDB processes SQL queries fast than Oracle MySQL. I had nothing but headaches with Oracle MySQL community server. I only ever need to do a bit of basic housework from time to time with MariaDB. I optimise my RadioDJ database every day by an event.