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RadioDJ Online Requests

Did You know: RadioDJ has the ability to take listener requests online? I thought I would do a short tutorial on how to setup RadioDJ Online Requests. To get the request system working with RadioDJ you need to do the following. 1) Make sure you have RadioDJ installed. How To Install RadioDJ Tip: When setting MySQL up choose a strong password with lots of number and symbols and & make sure you write it down! 2) Create a new MySQL user that isn't "root" You can find out how to do that HERE Please try not to use root for requests it won't be as secure. 3) Place the Plugin_Requests.dll and .xml file in the plugin folder within RadioDJ. (The files can be found in the disabled plugins folder) 4) Download one of the RadioDJ request templates. RadioDJ Template 3.0 RadioDJ Template 2.2.3 Note: These scripts are intended as a pointer for you to build your site around. 5) Make sure your website host/server h

Spacial Audio Revoking SAM Broadcaster Pro Licences

As many of you know I take an interest in what goes on in the world of Spacial Audio. I saw a Tweet on Twitter that made me shake my head... This company is so vile. One of the worst on the Internet. Even when you pay for SAM Broadcaster, They can decide to revoke your licence. So as much as $299.00 down the drain. Don't buy from @spacial So let me get this right, Spacial Audio are revoking peoples licences for no reason? I've blogged before about Spacial revoking licences when customers dared to complain about the software and it appears its still going on. That's awful espcially when users like the one quoted above have paid $$$ for the privelidge of using SAM. It never ceases to amaze me what the support staff at Spacial Audio do! Spacial Audio have ALWAYS had an awful way of dealing with paying customers. It's WRONG when users pay out good hard earned money for software and then they get treated like this. RadioDJ is

Winamp Can't Handle BIG Music Collections?

Someone recently Tweeted about issues they were having with Winamp The Tweet was about Winamp not being able to handle 2TB worth of songs being loaded into it. My library is now is over 2TB and Winamp kinda chugged with it. Winamp takes a long while to load (5+ min) & occasionally it crashes. Its not the first time I've heard of people having issues with the amount of files they were attempting to import into Winamp I feel this users frustration I had various issues trying to use Winamp & recently a Windows 10 update broke it so I uninstalled it. Winamp hasn't seen any development since 2013 and v5.666 can be buggy as hell on Windows 10 As for the 5.8 leaked BETA that was even worse I couldn't get it working at all. Yes Winamp was a thing 20+ years ago but these days there is better and more robust software out there for playing music with. No activations – No contracts - No keys – No h

Who's Using Marketing Gimmicks Now?

A couple of years back I was accused by Spacial Audio of using GIMMICKS when it comes to my promotion of Radio DJ software. Dear Spacial my blog posts are NOT Gimmicks... The software I promote doesn't require any marketing gimmicks as its 100% FREE The links I have in my posts are links to RadioDJ tutorials, Downloads or other sites with useful software & information. The exact origin of the word ‘gimmick’ is unknown, but there is one theory that it comes from ‘gimac’ an anagram of ‘magic’ Most users will tell you RadioDJ is MAGIC not a Gimac... Spacial are the ones using marketing gimmicks as there are lots of links for their products in their blog posts. Even posts about stuff thats nothing to do with Spacial Audio even end up with links to their products. Spacial Audio are struggling for sales of their software and they seem to be using blatant & desperate gimmicks!