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Spacial Audio Like To Play BIG Corporate

Spacial Audio Solutions like to play the part of a BIG corporate company when it comes to their software and support when in reality they are just a small time software company based out of an office in Sherman Oaks, California. The support team is staffed by people who have NEVER used the software and who usually send the wrong replies. I love SAM Broadcaster but @spacial Customer Support makes me feel more like a Victim, than a customer. The Customer Support Manager is RUDE to users on a regular basis (Why he's still in a job I don't know) Spacial Audio may well have been worth $59,000,000 based on the amount of copies of SAM Broadcaster they have claimed to have sold worldwide. We doubt they're even worth a quarter of that these days According to a recent Google search Spacial Audio turnover is rumoured to be around $4 - $5 Million a year. Yes Spacial Audio Solutions may well have sold software to over 150 countries BUT th

The Glory Days Are Gone (Winamp)

It was 2014 when Radionomy bought Winamp & Shoutcast for $5M from AOL. Since then there have been a plethora of Shoutcast v2.x.x releases but not much has been done to Winamp since. Sure theres a BADLY CODED BETA version but according to lots of reports it doesn't work properly. This is a quote from an Ex Winamp Dev: Winamp as a thing is a dead-end with the brand effectively tarnished/irrelevant, its glory days are long gone Winamp doesn't have the massive fan base it once had. Just a few die hard users hanging onto the past! Technology has moved on far too much for Winamp to be considered USEFUL Indeed since Winamp was sold other audio software has evolved to overtake it. Winamp wasn't a great media player many a time I'd listen to a Shoutcast stream and It would start buffering after a while. I attempted to use it for my Internet radio stream back in 2002 it wasn't great at

SAM Broadcaster Cuts Off The End Of Jingles

This is yet another issue within SAM Broadcaster Pro I could never get a sensible answer for. As hard as I tried I could never get SAM to play jingles or station ID's properly it would always CHOP the end off. This was a question asked recently on the SAM Broadcaster Forums. Can anyone help with how to prevent radio spots, Station IDs, Jingles, Promos (Voice Ads) from being cut-off at the end? Right now the ones I have get CHOPPED of at the end before they COMPLETE. It also does it with songs SAM Broadcaster Pro could NEVER crossfade properly. I am still fighting with this. I have a problem with the tracks snipping on the end just a fraction before the track is finished. I have tried every combination I can find regarding gap killers and even tried various settings on crossfading in case that was the issue. You always ended up with a CAR CRASH of a crossfade between tracks in SAM. I regularly see people asking on the SAM

Video Playback in Internet Radio Software?

I've recently seen an updated changelog for a piece of radio playout software. The author of the software proudly exclaims the software now supports video playback. Added support for video playback plugin Native video playback improved Q: Why on earth would you need video playback in an Internet radio playout solution? The software apparently uses libVLC to handle the video playback. Just like it utilises Winamp for certain plugin functions. There is No way your listeners would see that video unless you were sending out the video stream live to a service such as Twitch/YouTube. However you want to dress that up... It isn't Radio its Televison! People have asked the author of RadioDJ for video playback in the past and they've all been told a BIG FAT NO. While RadioDJ plays .m4a files it only plays audio content. I just don't get as to why radio software developers THINK their users need video playback support whe

PlayItLive Radio Automation Software

This program had been on my radar for quite a while & I last tested it for about 5/6 years ago now. I downloaded, installed & then I started importing tracks into it via the built in tracks manager feature. Unfortunately that's where it all started going downhill. It started scanning a folder of 1400 tracks then completely chose to ignore about 200 of them. Those 200 files are all loaded into RadioDJ with no issues so that wasn't a great start. Another user posted this on Social Media I've dropped Playit Live from my studio as it was too much like hard work. Then there's the reports of frequent crashes with the software. I am having problems with PlayIt Live regarding how frequently it crashes. I am asking for help on how to stop the system from crashing. Radio software shouldn't crash on a user it makes the DJ look stupid and NO DJ wants THAT feeling. The EULA for the software is somewhat laughable.