Using Winamp To Automate A Radio Station?

A while back I saw a topic on the Winamp forums from a user wanting to use Winamp Pro to automate the music for their radio station.

Do I need a plugin to make playlists so it operates 24 hours?

If so, which plugins are the best?


I want Winamp to never stop, It will be used for a small radio station. 

Winamp is only good for listening to online Shoutcast Radio stations or to play a few music tracks.

It's nowhere near suitable for automating an Internet radio station as listeners expect high standards from streaming media these days.

You don't have any artist/title/album separation rules in Winamp.

So you're just going to hear the same songs/artists/tracks over and over.

You get lots of silence between tracks with Winamp
I never got it to crossfade properly.

Having large gaps of silence (dead air) between tracks
isn't going to win you many listeners!

Thankfully there is more advanced radio playout software with RadioDJ

How To Install RadioDJ

The best part about RadioDJ is it's 100% FREE for use by any radio station or budding radio DJ anywhere in the world.

RadioDJ crossfades properly & it also has the ability to load playlists/rotations/files at a set time via events or it can just be left to automate using track rotations to pull songs from the categories you choose.

That's the downside of Winamp you have to change playlists manually

Unless anyone can tell me of a way that Winamp automates playlist changes? I'm not sure there is a way to be brutally frank!

It gets tiring and cumbersome to have to change playlists in Winamp manually.

RadioDJ is so much better at automating everything, Once setup and configured it will run for weeks/months/years

Windows updates are usually the only reason I need to restart Radio DJ.

If you haven't discovered RadioDJ give it a try today! Once you get used to it we can guarantee you'll LOVE IT!

No contracts - No catches – No keys – No hidden fees – No activations – No gimmicks

Yes RadioDJ runs using a database server but you needn't be afraid of running a MySQL Server

Sorry Winamp you can't cut the mustard when it comes to Internet radio automation.

The Llama doesn't whip anyone's ass anymore!

Winamp hasn't seen any development since AOL shut it down in 2013. Sure theres a 5.8 BETA but it doesn't install or work properly.

The 5.8 beta is a mess & is a dead end project

(as per the comment on their site)

Will we ever see Winamp 6? I doubt it as theres no lead developer working on it.