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Very Upset with Spacial Audio Technical Support

The Spacial Audio support department strike again! I have been a Sam Broadcaster customer for over 15 years I have reinstalled a PC and when I wanted to activate my license it did not allow me I've been writing to Spacial technical support for two day and they won't give me a solution I have my radio station losing thousands of listeners. I don't know what to do anymore It appears the activation system is yet again causing users issues even if they've deactivated before reinstalling Things like this should NEVER happen with radio automation software. A radio DJ needs software to work so they can do their job or hobby It all stems from the fact SAM Broadcaster was pirated a LOT back in the days on 4.x.x versions. Spacial Audio introduced the activation requirement to cut down on the amount of pirated copies of SAM Broadcaster Pro there were out there. A former Spacial Audio employee posted this: I helped b

Where Have All the Software Pirates Gone?

Over the past few years I've seen posts on X offering cracked copies of SAM Broadcaster Pro I'm pretty sure the same thing has been going on on other social media websites. Recently the posts offering these cracks has calmed down. Not seen anyone offering pirated copies of SAM since late 2020. Not even seen anyone offering SAM Broadcaster v4.2.2 which was the most pirated version of SAM Broadcaster On the whole that has to be GOOD NEWS. I'm sure Spacial Audio will be thrilled. These software Pirates have obviously realised you DON'T NEED a Pirated version of SAM Broadcaster you just need RadioDJ Reasons to Use RadioDJ: Once installed it's stable and works for days/weeks without needing to keep an eye on it Great Music library support add as many categories & subcategories you require RadioDJ doesn't require online activations or registration keys Radio

XML Files Cause SAM Broadcaster To Crash

As the title of the blog post would suggest SAM Broadcaster crashes when .XML files get corrupted. It can be frustrating when SAM goes wrong for no apparent reason. Sounds like a broken SAMBC.core.xml file Try uninstalling and reinstalling SAM Broadcaster Although you will lose all of your program settings SAM Broadcaster Pro relies on .xml files for its operation it only takes one of those files to become corrupt and SAM does a disappearing act How the XML files become corrupt in SAM Broadcaster is anyones GUESS! RadioDJ also relies on .xml files for backend & plugin functions & I've NEVER had RadioDJ crash like SAM. Trying to get SAM Broadcaster to work but it crashes within 24 hours FACT: RadioDJ performs 100 times better than SAM Broadcaster Pro Soundcards and Disc drives were the main culprits wh

Why Do I Only Promote FREE Radio Software?

Q: Why do I only promote free radio software from this blog site? In my own experience when I've paid $$$ for software in the past I've ran into issues that stopped me in my tracks. Users like me paid hundreds $$$ for radio automation software & found the support sucked for those pieces of software Some software companies seem to plod on year after year not updating their software all the while still taking paying customers money. Spacial Audio are the biggest Cowboys when it comes to customer support You only have to search this blog to find that one out Lack of customer support is one huge reason I hate paying for software. Another is when Vendors/Authors of software suddenly disappear off the face of the Earth and then their software becomes obsolete. I find some FREE software can be absolutley Amazing sometimes. FREE SOFTWARE is my favourite sort of software because it comes to you