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Did Anyone See Where That Exception Went?

On the 5th of July 2023 Marius released RadioDJ v2043 I just checked the Windows Error Logs (22/09/2023) and RadioDJ hasn't thrown an exception since the 6th of July 2023 The last exception was when Windows had issues with the NowPlaying.txt being on the C:\ drive The NowPlaying.txt is readable from within the RadioDJ folder but NOT the C:\ drive Windows Security isn't allowing the file on the ROOT of the drive Other than that RadioDJ v2043 has been stable on the Windows 10/11 machines its been upgraded on. Thats the thing I LOVE about RadioDJ once setup properly RadioDJ doesn't tend to throw exceptions. The only time I've seen bad exceptions is when the Database has crashed which is generally a RARE thing. However the RadioDJ Database is easily repaired using the Database Setup tool. I haven't had to repair my RadioDJ Database in

Solid State Drives Saved My DJ Life

In 2013 I had a traditional spindle hard drive fail on me taking some of my music collection with it. I'd backed up some of my music to another hard drive but not all of it by the time the drive finally gave us I/O read errors. My Husband suggested we go to a well known electronics store at the time (Maplins Now Closed) for a Solid State upgrade kit. Getting a Solid State Drive in my Computer was my best move ever! The 240GB drive is in my current computer and to have it functioning 10 years later means its been worth every £££ we paid. I've used the SSD to run my Copies of RadioDJ Free radio Automation and its been plain sailing since 2013 The only DOWNTIME I've had is Windows Updates or Driver Updates in CCleaner. The whole Windows experience is a LOT better on Solid State Drives Windows 10/11 seem to be stable I haven't had a BSOD or crash in ages Solid state makes my computers run faster and the CPU runs cooler