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10 Years Already (RadioDJ Free Radio Playout Software)

Its 10 years since I first discovered RadioDJ I first discovered RadioDJ via a Google search in late 2010. I found Radio DJ was easy to use from the start and once I'd configured the database and program settings it was great. I'd been looking for another piece of radio playout software because the software I was using back in 2010 wasn't much KOP for doing radio with. A couple of the pieces of software I used kept crashing and malfunctioning quite regularly which got on my NERVES. It became tiresome when I had to keep reinstalling SAM Broadcaster after a crash. I started using RadioDJ full time after SAM Broadcaster Malfunctioned on New Years Day 2011. SAM was only playing Jingles and Station ID's on an infinite loop. SAM Broadcaster suffered what's known as a Clockwheel FAILURE! The Clockwheel rotation in SAM Broadcaster had over 5000 songs to choose from so lack of available files w

Budding InternetRadio DJ?

Q: Are you a Budding Internet Radio DJ? Starting out doing Internetradio as a hobby can seem daunting at first but when you get used to streaming it can be a great hobby to have. If you're a Budding Radio DJ and are looking to get started then may I suggest a few pieces of software to use that won't cost you a penny. In order to start streaming on the internet you will need the following... Broadband connection with minimum of 2MB per second upload speed 1 Music collection with at least 2000 tracks, make sure you use properly ripped audio files at 320Kbps (CBR) mp3 or FLAC A decent computer with a decent processor and at least 2GB RAM. Plus an operating system LATER than Windows Vista. A decent radio automation program. We recommend RadioDJ FREE radio playout software for this. 1 You may encounter issues if other members of your household are streaming TV/Movies at the same time. No activations – No contracts - No keys – No hidden fees – No catches -

Beware Of Free Radio Automation Software?

@Spacial Audio have written a blog post about choosing the right software for running a radio station with. When it came to free radio automation software they said this. Beware of Free Radio Automation Software, Free software can often come at a higher cost in the long run, with hidden fees and complex contracts that can be costly if you don't foresee them. What planet are you on Spacial Audio? Because it sure isn't Earth... Calling occupants of Interplanetary craft. With RadioDJ there are NO complex CONTRACTS, KEYS or ACTIVATIONS Genuinely free software sometimes does not deliver on expectations, from poor performance to a lack of support when things go wrong. WRONG AGAIN! RadioDJ has GREAT Stability & Reliability. One user had the program running on their laptop for 4 years RadioDJ has really great support via the Community Forums It's Spacial Audio Solutions who have the distinct LAC

SAM Broadcaster Freezes While Adding Music?

I first used SAM Broadcaster way back when v1.3 came out in 1999. One thing that bugged me about Streaming Audio Manager is that it always FROZE while adding music into the software. Adding files is a very time consuming process and SAM freezes for a while It won't transition to the next song until the folder scan is done. Back in v1.3 If I tried adding a large folder of music to the software it would cause the program to crash. It was exactly the same with versions 2/3/4 The reason SAM freezes while you try to do things is down to the fact that the software suffers from bad memory leaks. Plus the software is well known for using lots of the computers resources & CPU. SADLY 20+ years later the same thing is still happening in Spacial Audio's SAM Broadcaster software. Saw this on Social media recently. I'm making headway adding music & jingles to SAM but it keeps freezing

Does Anyone Still Buy SAM Broadcaster Pro?

I'm not noticing anywhere near the amount of gripes about SAM Broadcaster on social media that I used to see 5/6 years ago. The forums don't seem to be attracting as many complaints that they once did either. Download figures for RadioDJ would suggest that not many people are paying Spacial Audio for software now. It was 2010 when I switched from SAM Broadcaster to RadioDJ I switched because I was sick of SAMBC not performing as it should & it crashed regularly and required reinstalling after every crash. I have NEVER had a major issue with RadioDJ Or any standalone encoders I've streamed with since 2010 RadioDJ handles everything I throw at it and is as Stable & Reliable and doesn't crash like SAM Broadcaster Pro If anything has taken RadioDJ off air it was computer hardware related. Disc Drives FAILING have been the main cuprit in any downtime. Th

RadioDJ Stream Title Settings

In RadioDJ free radio automation software you have the ability to control what metadata the listener sees when a song, request or jingle plays. We regularly get people asking how they can hide the artist & title of a Jingle or track form showing in the stream. Look under Options>Options>Stream Titles: This is where the magic happens. You have various track types in RadioDJ Music = 0 Jingle = 1 Sweeper = 2 Voiceover = 3 Commercial = 4 InternetStream = 5 Other = 6 VDF = 7 Podcast = 8 Request = 9 News = 10 PlaylistEvent = 11 FileByDate = 12 NewestFromFolder = 13 Teaser = 14 You need to select the track type from stream titles and configure the information you want to display on your stream(s) These are some of the Variables you can find the full list of stream variables inside the Docs folder in RadioDJv2 by opening a .pdf file $track_id$ = Track's Database ID $artist$ = Track Artist $title$ = Track Title $album$ = Track Album $year$ = R