How To: Install RadioDJ FREE Radio Playout Software

Installing RadioDJ the easy way...

I know it can be daunting and scary installing radio automation software for the first time.

If you aren't used to using software that requires a database don't panic it's not as difficult to setup as you might think.

If you follow these easy steps and have a bit of patience then you should have the program up and running in no time.

Q: Can I install Radio DJ offline?

radio dj free radio automation music software
A: YES: All you need to do is download the MariaDB & RadioDJ software installation files.

Your computer doesn't need to be connected to the Internet for the installation.

There are NO Key Codes or Activations required to unlock the benefits of the software.

How To Install:

1) Starting off with a fresh clean install of your Windows operating system is usually a good bet.

But its not necessary to re-install Windows if you don't need to.

Important: You may experience performance issues if you have a system clogged up with junk files.

You can find software on Google to help remove junk files and repair the registry.

2) Make sure you turn off the UAC (User Account Control)

User Account Control

TIP: Start>Control Panel>User Accounts>Change user account control settings.

3) Download and install MariaDB

Then follow the steps in This Tutorial about installing MariaDB

Right click on the taskbar and select task manager & look for the service name in services.

If you have MariaDB or MySQL installed already then skip this step.

4) Make sure you have .NET Installed you need at least .NET 3.5 & 4.6.1

Windows 10 should automatically install .NET for you via Windows Update.

5) Download the latest stable RadioDJ executable and install to C:\RadioDJv2

No activations – No contracts - No keys – No hidden fees - No spyware – No catches

radio dj free radio automation music software

6) Inside the RadioDJ program folder there is a folder called "Setup" run the "databaseSetup.exe" file by right clicking and open as "administrator"

Enter the details for your SQL server.

MySQL server = or just localhost
MySQL database = Usually this is just "radiodj" (You can call it what you like)
MySQL username = Default user is usually "root" (Don't use root for requests)
MySQL password = The password you chose when setting up the SQL server

TIP: SSL is for MySQL 8.0 you do not need this option if you are using MariaDB

7) Click on "Install database" and the database should now be installed without any errors. If you entered the details correctly you should then see

Radio DJ Database Setup Tool

MySQL Server Is Online

If the database has installed correctly and RadioDJ opens without errors then you should be good to start importing tracks into RadioDJ.

8) On first run make sure you set a sound card (Options>Options>Sound cards) otherwise you will have trouble importing music.

You'll probably see a a message saying Import failed unless you set the soundcard.

You will need to restart RadioDJ for sound card changes to take effect.

Also you need to give yourself an administrator account from the users menu Option>Users

Tip: The default login for RadioDJ v2.0.0 is admin/admin but you can change that quite easily if you need to restrict user access.

Remember to write down your username and password as the password is encrypted in the database

Don't forget to click save when you make changes to user accounts, This should help stop people tampering with your RadioDJ settings.

You can also disable user management if you don't require it

9) Left click on the radiodj.exe icon in the RadioDJ folder and send to your desktop as a shortcut. If the installer hasn't already created one

Then start the program from the desktop as you would any other Windows executable program. Make sure it's running as Administrator

10) If all has gone to plan you should now be able to start enjoying a stress free radio automation experience!

Tip: For optimum performance Its a good idea if you also add the RadioDJ program folder and any music folders to the exclusion list of Windows Defender or Antivirus software.

That way the files won't constantly be scanned which can slow performance down.

If it's your first time using RadioDJ you'll need to Import tracks into RadioDJ.

You can do that from the options menu by selecting either track/directory import.

For more advice & tips about using Radio DJ please search the RadioDJ Community Forums

You will find someone has had your exact issue at one time or another.

We hope this guide is easy enough for people to understand.

All you need is a bit of patience it will take you time to get used to how the program works.

Once you get used to how RadioDJ works you'll be amazed at what it can do for your music automation & radio station.