Encoding Software (Standalone Encoders)

To get your stream online its easier if you use a standalone encoding solution

Its not difficult to use a stand alone encoder. You configure it the same as a built in one.

Your Stand alone encoder should pick up the audio from your soundcard.

The MYTH that a stand alone encoder is harder to use is usually put out by developers who include built in encoders in their software

I've yet to see built in encoders function properly in some software, I frequently encountered lots of buffering messages.

SAM Broadcaster Unable To Send Dtata Fast Enough

Using a stand alone encoding solution means software like RadioDJ can be left to do what its does best AUTOMATING your songs and jingles.

I've used the standalone encoding method since I discovered RadioDJ in 2010

Standalone Encoders are more reliable than built in ones its rare I've had an issue with buffering with Stand Alone encoding software.

Here are just some of the free Internet radio streaming encoders available.

1) Sound Empire Caster ($0.00)

Sound Empire Caster

This is a standalone encoder that recently came to my attention developed by a developer from Ukraine.

In my tests Sound Empire Caster seems to be really stable I was able to run a stream without any buffering issues.

Sound Empire Caster 1.1.5

Sound Empire Caster 1.1.6

Sound Empire Caster 1.2.7

Sound Empire Caster 1.2.8

Unzip the program folder and place on the C:\ drive outside of the program folder

It supports DSP plugins so it may be an alternative if you still want to use DSP sound processing.

Place the required DSP files in the SECaster program folder.

Please Note: You may need to add the Sound Empire Caster program folder to the exclusion list in Windows Defender and your Antivirus.

TIP 1: If you get a blank message box pop up you need to go into the SECaster.ini file and edit out the current soundcard setting, just open it in WordPad or other similar code editor.

TIP 2: If you get white noise over your stream whilst using SE Caster just switch on the AGC in RadioDJ, we've been informed that alleviates the issue.

TIP 3: If the metadata/titles don't automatically start with your encoder, Just give the stream a quick stop and start and metadata should then start populating on your stream again.

TIP 4: If the encoders don't Automatically connect go into the SECaster.ini file with your favourite notepad application and change Auto=0 TO Auto=1 and click save and restart SE Caster.

2) MB Recaster ($0.00)

  • Capture audio from any sound card, input from microphone, line or stereo mix
  • Up to 4 encoders of any format (Shoutcast v1 / v2, Icecast)
  • Codec MP3 24 to 192k, AAC+ 16 to 96k, AAC 128 to 192k, Opus 20 to 192K, OGG 32 to 192K
  • Read metadata from an external text file
  • Show stats (if available from the streaming server)
  • Save current connections count to a text file CurrentListeners.txt
  • Get great sound quality with advanced audio processing functions by adding DSP & VST plugins
  • PFL of the final mix
  • Windows 7/8/10, Windows Server 32/64 bits

Download MB Recaster

How To Activate An Encoder

Did You Know: You can connect the RadioDJ History plugin to the CurrentListeners.txt file in MB Recaster to give you a listener count.

Its NOT for me to determine IF encoding software has the correct licences in place for codecs.

That is something YOU will have to take up with the developer of that piece of encoding software.

Who checks if an Internet radio station is using software
with the right codec licences anyway?

P.S: I only supply links to websites where software is available for download. All software is downloaded at the users own risk


Given the situation in Ukraine I think its probably safe to say that Sound Empire Caster updates may be delayed INDEFINITELY.

Sound Empire Caster was/is coded by a Ukrainian. I hope him and his family are safe.

That saddens me as Sound Empire Caster was showing some real promise and is a great encoding program.