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I Guess It Leaves Me With NO Other Option (SAM DJ)

I look at the Spacial Audio SAM Broadcaster/SAM DJ forums regularly. I witnessed a post from a user whom it appears is having subscription issues with SAM DJ (Formerly SAM PARTY DJ) I guess it leaves me with no other option then. Seeing that I paid for my copy of Sam DJ I really feel cheated because I never expected Spacial Audio to be so Deceptive This is not the first time Spacial Audio have been called out for being SHYSTERS The subscription model that Spacial Audio use is AWFUL at best and the activation servers keep locking genuine users out. I don't like software that has online activation requirements or keys. This user could do worse than use RadioDJ it has a better crossfade & stability than SAM DJ. IF I were still doing discos I'd probably be using RadioDJ to run my set with. There is better software than SAM DJ well better than anything SPACIAL AUDIO CODE. 1) Mixxx (FREE) 2) Virtual DJ 3) Traktor