Breakaway One Pipeline Windows 10 Issues (Virtual Audio Cables)

For about a week now I've been trying to get to the bottom of Audio GREMLINS on Windows 10

I was trying to record stuff with Audacity the second I hit record the audio would stutter or drag.

I tried with other recording software and encountered the same problem. I have to say this problem stumped me slightly at first.

As the issue was happening on seperate computers (8GB 16GB 32GB) I had to start narrowing down suspects.

Then I wondered if it was the audio drivers but updating them made no difference. I'd even gone as far as reinstalling Windows 10 on one computer.

Then I decided to take a look at the Virtual Audio Cables, I uninstalled them, Rebooted and tried again with other VAC software.

Breakaway Pipeline

BINGO! thats where the problem was with the virtual audio driver...

Breakaway One Pipeline has worked OK for the past few years but alas since the latest feature update on Windows 10 its broken.

Breakaway Pipeline hasn't seen any development since 2018

So after all the swearing and cursing my computers weren't at fault but software was.

If you have Breakaway One Pipeline installed and you are having AUDIO issues then that could well be your culprit.

My recommendation is to uninstall Breakaway One Pipeline from your computer.

Th s is the Virtual Audio Cable I now recommend from V B AUDIO

If you require a Virtual Audio Card with more inputs there is always the original VAC

Its always annoying when Gremlins in the system screw over the audio a computer when you're trying to enjoy listening to music.

Don't You just HATE Technology when it REBELS?

Update: February 2022

Since I changed audio cables my private stream has been rock solid with zero problems.

Thank you VB Audio for stopping me going crazy my stream sounds great now.