URGENT! Windows Defender Blocks RadioDJ

There have been a couple of reports of Windows Defender not allowing the download of RadioDJ

I ran into the issue myself while trying to Install it.

RadioDJ 2043

I did the following to get it installed

1) Created a Folder on the C:\ Drive called RadioDJ <version number>

2) Went into Windows Security and Virus Threat Protection>Manage settings>Exclusisions

Set the RadioDJ folder as an exclusion also an Idea if you exclude your Music library from being scanned too.

3) Try downloading RadioDJ and if Windows defender complains click "allow on device" to any threats these are all FALSE Flags.

4) Try extracting RadioDJ from the zipped folder into the folder you created

5) Right click on the setup .exe of RadioDJ and click Properties. If the exe is being blocked by Windows Unblock it

6 You should now be able to nstall RadioDJ into the folder.

I've hurriedly tried to get these instructions to you I know its a FAFF but Windows Defender can be a PIA.

If you are still having an issue head to the RadioDJ Forums to get help from other Volunteers