Running RadioDJ On Linux/Wine?

This is a common question we've seen on the RadioDJ forums.

Q: Will RadioDJ free radio automation software run under .wine on Linux?

radio dj free radio playout software

A: Not at present and yes you can quote me on that!

Don't believe us then feel free to test the theory out at your own risk!

If you manage to get .NET installed there is no guarantee RadioDJ will work properly on .wine

RadioDJ v2.x.x requires .NET 3.5 and 4.8

Even IF the database setup tool runs and you get RadioDJ fired up the program may not function and will constantly throw up errors at you.

This is what happened last time I tried running RadioDJ under .wine

I used to test when I saw an update for .wine or MONO and got frustrated at the same error messages everytime.

I tested again recently and couldn't even get Wine/Winetricks to install correctly on an 64bit Ubuntu Studio.

Users claim to have RadioDJ running on Wine but when you ask those users HOW they did it they never come back to explain the steps required

It makes me suspicious as to wether those users are being truthful

I won't be testing .wine again it's all too much of a ball ache to configure and get running.

If you run Linux you can easily get RadioDJ to work in a Virtual environment

I ran Windows 10 in a virtual machine (VMWARE) with 4GB of RAM on a machine that had 16GB onboard. Everything worked as anticipated

You can find out more about VMWare Here

Tip: Don't expect to learn how VMware player works in the space of 5 minutes.

If you're in any doubt as to how work a virtual machine then feel free to read the documentation on the VMware website

It's really not as scary as it sounds.

Providing your PC has enough RAM & a decent processor then there is absolutely no reason a virtual machine shouldn't work.

You should be able to run RadioDJ on a Virtual machine with as little as 2GB of RAM.

I recommend Windows 7/8/10 as they're the only operating systems RadioDJv2 works on.

When you have your OS installed and running then you can move onto installing RadioDJ.

Install the MySQL database you can find an easy to install SQL program Here

A tutorial on installing the SQL server can be found Here

If the audio isn't working on the virtual machine then you will have to use VoiceMeeter The Virtual mixing Console.

voicemeeter vitual mixing console

Alternatively you can use Virtual audio cables which elimnates the need for a soundcard.

If both the MySQL server and VAC/Voicemeeter are installed and working as you should then move onto the Installation of RadioDJ

How To Install RadioDJ

Once RadioDJ is successfully installed. You can move onto Importing tracks from the options menu.

If everything went to plan you should now have a working copy of RadioDJ on VMware player.

Update January 2022: Someone suggested ReactOS as an operating system that RadioDJ MIGHT work on.

I've just tested that theory and SADLY I cannot even get the Database (MySQL) to Install.

Despite trying to install the .NET & Visual basic components I get run time errors when I try the database setup tool.

Nice Suggestion but sadly for me its a NO GO. Slackware was also a no go couldn't get Virtualbox to recognise the .iso installer.

Until I see a Video of RadioDJ in action on Linux I'm still sceptical