Hey Microsoft I would like Stereo Mix back!

Microsoft have a nasty habit of BREAKING things when they do a major update to Windows 10.

The last major update saw them break Stereo Mix in the sound card settings.

I can't listen to radio streams through my browser, I can't watch YouTube videos either...


I've had to install Voicemeeter and Virtual Audio Cables to get the sound from RadioDJ to play over the speakers.

For some strange reason the Voicemeeter Virtual Input isn't working correctly either I presume this is to do with the Microsoft Audio issues.

I really hope that Microsoft get their fingers out and fix it in the next major update. A DJ without audio you just couldn't make this up.

its annoying because theres a few things I would like to be able to record from YouTube.

Hey Microsoft I would like Stereo Mix back! PLEASE!

P.S: YES I have already tried updating sound card drivers but that hasn't helped matters.

Update 14/09/2020: I've just installed a Windoze update and now the Speaker output is working again and I'm able to record once again.

PLEASE don't break the sound again Microsoft. I rely on sound for my enjoyment.

Update 26/10/2020:

To say I'm annoyed would be an understatement another Windows 10 update is stopping the audio from Spotify and Audio from my browser. I'm NOT the only person with this issue someone saw my tweet and they tweeted me to say they're having the same exact issue.

Windows 10 is starting annoy me with all its little quirks.